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Essential Knots for Flats Fishing

After our last video on How to Build a Better Permit Leader (see the videocast here), we had some requests for the essential knots to use when building a flats leader.

So here they are! Thanks for the questions. Keep them coming and please give us feedback on these hints!

See essential knots videocast here.

And now that you've watched the videocast, here is a summary and also a bit of how-to info on knots.

Butt to Fly Line: welded loop to butt via perfection loop or create a new weld.

See perfection loop here

Butt to leader: perfection loop, double surgeons or blood knot.

See double surgeons knot here

Leader to tippet double surgeons or blood knot.

See blood knot here

tippet to fly: perfection loop or improved clinch.

See improved clinch here

For more info on knots go to animated


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